.Mona Golabi Children’s Painting School in Iran,saadatabad

Mona Golabi Children’s Painting School Iran,saadatabad,saadatabad:The world of children is complex and full of mystery. Children were born with unimaginable creativities. If we accept that it is imagination that gives two flying wings to human beings, we don’t take it away from our children, as Einstein said, Imagination is more important than knowledge.

.Mona Golabi Children’s Painting School Iran,saadatabad :Science is limited but imagination covers the whole world .Imagination is the start of creation and children’s painting is a clear proof for it.

Power of imagination can be ranked as the highest privilege in human beings. Human beings

must be skillful before being able to become creative in a field. Who has ever heard that a

scientist could do a creative work in the field of atomic physics without learning about it?

Children who are in a free but guided situation are more creative than limited children My objective

for teaching painting to children is that they can try more and more to express themselves and their minds.

I pursue two aims in painting: First: Enhancing children’s another type of looking Second:

Power of thinking In fact, I recommend children: “Paint what you see and imagine” that means:

“Paint in a way you think and believe”. Through these years, I have been trying to prepare situations

in which my students simply express what they feel and what comes to their minds.

So many irregularities, not using perspectives and symmetries…are seen in children’s paintings,

but we must accept them; moreover, it is interesting that there is beauty in these getaways

from principles in children’s paintings. We must never tell them: “this picture you have painted is wrong”,

since that picture contains their own senses and impressions of nature.

کلاس های آنلاین تخصصی نقاشی کودک ایران موناگلابی

آموزشگاه موناگلابی برگزارکننده اولین کلاس های آنلاین تخصصی نقاشی کودک در ایران

آموزشگاه تا اطلاع ثانوی تعطیل میباشد و تمامی کلاسها بصورت آنلاین برگزار میشود.

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در آموزش نقاشی کودک نباید از کپی استفاده کرد .نباید عکس یا نقاشی برای کودک گذاشت.
در شیوه آموزش به سبک خیالک نگاری اصلا از کپی استفاده نمیشود.
In the case of painting training for kids, no copy must be used. Niether picture nor painting must be considered for kids. No copy is used in my training method at all

Mona Golabi Children's Painting School Iran,saadatabad
Mona Golabi Children's Painting School Iran,saadatabad